First Day Results- Huge $1.5 million in sales, a true testament to the vision of the project and strength of our community.

Huge first day for Starlink, the brand new virtual world project where users explore the galaxies and exchange virtual assets with cryptocurrency. 18 different NFTs, 3D models of real types of satellites in orbit around Earth, went for over $1.5 million in sales. One satellite NFT sold for over $500,000 itself. It was a 24 hour auction and holders of $STARL, the cryptocurrency token for Starlink Metaverse, bid for the hot items.

Starlink Metaverse has become increasing popular since the project started 1 month ago. The token was created by the dev of the popular LEASH, who also co-developed for SHIBA INU, which was one of the most popular tokens of this year reaching up to $14 Billion market cap. This new project from the highly regarded developer is focused on building an interactive universe based in space where users can buy virtual real estate, vehicles, customizations of living spaces and characters, and explore the solar system in various games, missions, and adventures. The starship base is already being developed and will be synced to the marketplace, so buying satellites, and other items as NFTs become part of your world. Metaverses are becoming incredibly popular in the tech communities where even Facebook announced they are building one soon. Starlink Metaverse is one of only 8 projects listed as Metaverse on popular cryptocurrency tracking site, Coingecko.

The next NFT sale has been announced as Living Modules, or pods, that will be sold as NFTs and plugged into the metaverse. When a user buys the NFT, they will get their own real estate and living space on the main Starbase. From there, customization, furnishing, and anything else a living space requires will become available for purchase and trade. It will be treated like real estate where a buyer can then sell on the marketplace later down the line like physical real estate. With the increasing amount of people being in lockdowns and staying in a virtual life, virtual real estate and identities is increasing in demand like no other market, with projects like #Roblox, #Fortnite, #Minecraft, #WoW, etc. Starlink Metaverse is taking it further into the blockchain, and into the stars.

$Starl will launch the metaverse into the galaxy.